9+1 Safe Destinations to Travel in 2020

9+1 Safe Destinations to Travel in 2020 – The year 2020 was and still is a challenge for most of the countries due to the pandemic.  The coronavirus has caused severe issues, not only in the health sector but also in the financial industry affecting the lives of millions of people.

However, there are some countries where the governments took early and constructive measures, minimising the spread of the virus than some other countries.

So, if you wish to travel this year, take a look at our list of 9+1 safe destinations for your next trip:


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Greece is one of the safest destinations as it managed to keep the coronavirus cases in low figures.  Its culture, history, beaches, and activities make it a destination for unforgettable vacations.  If you choose to travel in the summer, don’t hesitate to visit the country’s incredible islands.  The relaxed mood, the sun, the beaches, the food, and the locals’ warmth will amaze you!  Among our favorite islands are Corfu, Santorini, Skiathos, Paros, Ios, Crete and Mykonos.  Pick one and have fun!


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Cyprus is another safe destination due to the low number of Covid19 cases.  Visit the beautiful Protaras for relaxed moments, Ayia Napa for wild nightlife, Limassol for luxury vacations, and Paphos if you are on a budget.


9+1 Safe Destinations

Portugal is considered one of the most beautiful countries, and some of its cities have not been affected much by the pandemic.  Explore Madeira, one of the most awarded destinations by travelers, Azores, and Alentejo.


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Another destination to consider for 2020 is Georgia, with up to 260 times fewer cases than any other European country.  So, book a ticket to Batumi, the capital, and take a stroll at the Batumi Boulevard (waterfront park with fountains), explore the botanical gardens with exotic flora, and discover the Roman ruins at the Gonio Apsaros fortress.


9+1 Safe Destinations

Did you know that Kotor in Montenegro has just 9 Covid19 cases?  Kotor is located on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, in a bay near cliffs of mountain Lovćen. Hiking, swimming, and water sports are some of the activities, whereas the Cathedral Svetog Tripuna, Porto Montenegro, and Our Lady of the Rocks are waiting to discover them.


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Another safe destination is Poland. Warsaw and Gdansk are one of the safest cities and can meet any need. Check out the Royal Castle, the Old Town, Kazienki Park and the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw and visit the colorful Church of the Virgin Mary and the market in Gdansk. The market is ideal for shopping and dining.


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Whatever we say for Austria, it would not be enough, and thankfully it is one of the countries with no extreme cases.  Vienna is the best city to visit; have a look here to see what to do.


9+1 Safe Destinations

Slovenia is a destination that has become more noticed by travelers in recent years, and fortunately, the positive situation with the virus favors travel trips to this country.  We recommend Bohinj city be within your options, here’s what to do.


9+1 Safe Destinations

The city Vilnius in Lithuania is considered another safe place for your travels this year.  Take a stroll in the old town and discover its beautiful baroque architecture.  Taste the traditional Lithuanian food and explore the 3-story 15th-century brick tower Gediminas and St. Anne’s church.


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The last destination in our list is Finland.  If you want to discover and explore the wildlife, then Wild Taiga is the right place.  You will find Wild Taiga on the eastern border, surrounded by evergreen forests, clean water, and rich wildlife.  Hiking, fishing, and canoeing shall be part of your adventure list.

So, these are the 9+1 safe destinations, which one do you choose?

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