10 Things to Do in Utrecht, Netherlands

10 Things to Do in Utrecht, Netherlands – As we were looking for our next article, we stumbled upon photos of a charming destination – that of the town Utrecht in Netherlands.

When we hear Netherlands, the first city that comes to our mind is Amsterdam. But Utrecht proves that there are other places, just as beautiful.  The picturesque streets, the castles, the botanical gardens, and the canals are part of a fairy tale destination.

Let’s see what you can do there:

  1. A visit to St. Martin’s Cathedral

things to do in Utrecht

Its Gothic architecture and imposing appearance are not indifferent to tourists who put this attraction first on their list. The cathedral is located at the 1 Achter de Dom Street, 3512JN, and you will be impressed by both the exterior and interior of the temple.

  1. See the city view from the Dom Tower

dom tower web

Right next to the cathedral, you will find the church’s highest tower where a visit is required. It is considered the symbol of the city, and you will surely be rewarded with the beautiful view of the city that you will see as soon as you climb to the top. However, make sure to be in shape as you will need to climb around 465 steps. Also, note that the tower is under renovation, however, it does not prevent your tour.

  1. A visit to the De Haar Castle

things to do in Utrecht

An impressive castle that will take you back in time. Wander inside the castle to admire the rich history of various cultures and characters. The beautiful wall paintings and its architecture will enchant you! Complete your tour with a walk in the stunning gardens and indulge in total relaxation and tranquillity. Oh, and in the castle, you can do wedding ceremonies and receptions… just an idea 😉

  1. It’s music time !

museum web

It’s time for fun! Where? At the Speelklok Museum. Yes, well-read… in the museum. Speelklok is not an ordinary museum. There, you can play music in the various displayed musical instruments, having fun with joyful melodies from all corners of the museum. It is a different cultural activity that you need to include in your list. You can find it at 6 Steenweg Street, 3511JP.

  1. Walk in the Botanical Gardens

things to do in Utrecht

Relax in the green oasis that unfolds in front of your eyes! Various kinds of flowers and trees form a feast of colors, creating a calm atmosphere. Enjoy the natural treasure at the city’s University at 17 Budapestlaan Street, 3584CD.

  1. Boat tour on the Oudegracht Canal

city center utrecht web

This canal is located in the city’s picturesque center, and is worth seeing the area by taking a boat ride. You will also find restaurants, cafes, and shops where you can spend the day.

  1. A night tour at the historic center – Trajectum Lumen

things to do in Utrecht

You will find the Trajectum Lumen route in the historical center, where various artists have created an incredible setting with lighting. Follow the lights and walk to the center’s multiple streets discovering the city’s historical aspects and events.

  1. Relaxation in the Transwijk Park

park web

Enjoy an afternoon stroll through Transwijk Park at 31 Vreugdenhillaan Street, 3526ZB. There is also a zoo in the park, an ideal spot for children.

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  1. Excursion to the village Oud-Zuilen

things to do in Utrecht

North of Utrecht (5 km) is the village Oud-Zuilen, which is home to Zuylen Castle. The castle takes you back to the 18th century and enchants with the natural landscape that surrounds it. There are 75-minute guided tours on site. Enjoy a fabulous meal at the coffee museum, and finish with an afternoon coffee or tea.

  1. Shopping at Hoog Catharijne Shopping Centre

mall web

And now it’s time for shopping at, perhaps, Utrecht’s largest shopping mall. You will find it at Godebaldkwartier 54, 3511DX. Take a walk, shop, and enjoy the local cuisine in the various restaurants.

These are the 10 things you can do in Utrecht, among many others. Would you put this destination on your travel list? Tell us in the comment box.

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