10 Book Choices for Your Vacations

10 Book Choices for Your Vacations – Close your eyes… you’re on an island, somewhere… in the Pacific Ocean, lying on a comfortable sun lounger.  The sun warms you up as the gentle breeze tenderly embraces your body.  The waves resonate in your ears like a melody, with the birds adding their own notes.

A desire shows up – to enjoy a delicious cocktail by reading a good book of the 10 choices next to you:

10 Book Choices for Your Vacations

#1 Becoming (Michelle Obama) – this is one of the best books we have read recently and the one that makes you love Michelle Obama.  Just like that!

#2 The Lucky One (Nicholas Spark) – Nicholas Sparks unfolds on paper the story of an ex-soldier who is able to go too far to find love.  It was touching for us!

#3 The Course of Love (Alain de Botton) – What happens when true love meets real life? A question that Rabih and Kirsten answer through their love story.

#4 A Room with a View (EM Forster) – Against “musts”, a young girl tries to conquer the future she deserves close to people who give her the ultimate freedom to be just herself. A nice book for awakening!

#5 Men from Mars, Women from Venus (John Gray) – A Must Book! The author offers valuable tools for understanding the two genders, leading to more meaningful relationships.

#6 How to Talk to Anyone (Leil Lowndes) – Looking for ways to improve your communication? This book is ideal for finding techniques that will develop and improve your communication skills.  Very good!

#7 Tess of the d’Urbervilles (Thomas Hardy) – If you’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey, we’re sure this book tells you something. Tess gets tangled in the nets of Alec d’Urberville, who makes her life miserable, and when she finds true love and happiness, the past haunts her future.

#8 Leaving, Loving and Learning (Leo Buscaglia) – A book with many lessons that aims to transform your life through the path of love and understanding.  If you need a self-improvement book, that’s what you should read!

#9 Eat, Pray, Love (Elizabeth Gilbert) – What can we say about this book that was also made a film starring Julia Robert! A woman who thought she had everything realizes that all can be brought up.  Travel with her to Italy, India and Indonesia, where she tries to find herself.  And who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself too if you need it!

#10 Eleven Minutes (Paulo Coelho) – An excellent novel by the well-known author who puts a young girl from the province in a dilemma to choose between the dark and sterile sexual pleasure or the possibility of the sacred sex of two souls who love each other. We loved it!

What book do you choose?

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